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  1. Lose weight love yourself ukulele flocking emilyrosets:

    Alert moderator Freddie Frog: 14 Oct 2015 5:30:06pm New world,In that case it won't matter if the government takes it share for the pension then will it?

  2. Lose weight love yourself ukulele flocking kiero6djrr:

    About my earlier advice- go as deep as you can into the stretch, and try to held that position while taking deep breaths.

  3. Lose weight love yourself ukulele flocking josi_77:

    After only a day or so of normal activity, your body will start to eat your muscles and bone tissue...

  4. Lose weight love yourself ukulele flocking mrbigsole:

    Although intended for people with Type 2 Diabetes, or at risk of developing it, I am in neither of these categories.

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